2019 European Tour of Texas Challenge

The European Tour of Texas Challenge allows riders the opportunity to earn the chance to own a special jersey denoting their participation in at least 3 of the 4 rides that are part of the challenge.

This year the European Tour is changing its registration process. To ride the European Tour of Texas Challenge, there is no longer a single registration for all 4 rides plus the cost of the jersey.


The challenge remains the same, check-in and ride all 4 rides, or at least 3 of the 4 rides to qualify for the jersey. Register for each ride individually.



The Check-in/Registration lists from each ride will be compared to determine those qualifying for a 2019 European Tour jersey (design to be determined) The jersey will be available for purchase, after the Tour de Paris for $60 thru an on-line store and will be mailed to each rider.


Visit the European Tour of Texas Facebook page for the latest information  

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