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Be your preference on-road, off-road, or track-based cycling, Paris, Texas, is the prime destination for competitive and recreational bike riding activities.

Tour the gently rolling hills and long straightaways and enjoy minimal traffic along the farm-to-market roads in Lamar County. Accept the off-road challenge of the Barber-Hills Hiking and Biking Trail at Pat Mayse Lake. Make your competitive dreams come true on the world-class Pump Track Paris, home of a 2021 Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships qualifier competition.

Feeling the call to ride but didn't bring your bike? Automated bicycle rentals are available next to the Eiffel Tower at the Love Civic Center.

Check-in often to find out about several annual and special cycling events.

Even the motorized bike riders make Paris their dining and overnight basecamp. Bikers enjoy day trips through the wooded areas of east Texas and the winding scenic roads of the southeastern Oklahoma Kiamichi Mountains.

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